infinite is just a promise

the thing about being infinite is that no one tells you about:

  • the lonely nights
  • the aching hearts
  • the whispered wishes to stars above
  • begging them to take you back

you’re human, they whisper, you stay

and you try to fit into this life that wasn’t made for you
and some days are better than others but the stars
they always call you home

inspired by inkstay’s 500 prompts | prompt: immortality


autumn’s becoming

she touches her lips and wonders at them, another hand resting over her belly. there are flowers blooming there she did not know existed until one day she took a knife and cut herself open just to see what she was made of. surprised she watched as dusky soft petals unfurled themselves to greet the sun they’d been so long denied.

they are still growing and on some days they choke her throat with something like sadness, her eyes watering as it washes over her. this pain is her redemption as she finally lets grow what should have been in the first place and she greets each new bloom with a soft kiss.

perhaps in time she will be a garden and in it she will find healing.


many springs have come and gone, but for her, youth is a permanent state of being. flowers never fade beneath her feet. the sun is in her smile. she reminds you of a girl you once knew as a child. come play, she beckons. you follow, feeling the chill of winter fade in her grasp. in her field of eternal spring, you are reborn.