thoughts on beginnings

i do not wish to start

but start i must

for change does not come

from standing still


New Year, New Blog

update wallpaper
I meant to do this in January but time got away from me. Oops!

Last year was a tough year for me. I didn’t get as much writing done, especially the last half, and it really affected my mood. Not to mention, I lost complete and utter motivation for my novel. I tried to work on it only to find more problems than I could handle: plot holes, stereotypes, tropes… The list goes on and on. All of this led to me yelling, “Screw it!” and tossing my novel into the maybe later list. Even after I’d given it a few months, there wasn’t a creative spark. My novel was effectively dead.

But great news! I’ve made a turnaround this year and have started working on it again. It doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m very excited to start sharing more things about it on my blog as I go along. Keep your eyes out for updates!

I’ve also made some changes to my blog. With the new year comes a new theme and new content. I’ll try to update every two weeks or so, whether it’s novel-related, a new short story or poetry. Hope you like what I have in store!


PotW: Wild

This week’s playlist is brought to you by… me! Without going into too much detail, life has been difficult. But that’s life, right?

My point is, a lot of times when life is getting me down or I feel stuck in a rut, my instinct is to run, to travel, to escape. My daydreams turn extremely Walter Mitty-esque and I find I’d rather be anywhere else than where I am in that moment.

The one thing that helps me cope – besides writing – is music. So here’s a playlist that encompasses what I feel sometimes, that longing for another place and the ability to travel and, most importantly, the need to be wild.