PotW: Wampus – Autumn

Many people are headed back to school (or already there) and I’ve noticed the leaves are slowly changing colors. That can only mean fall is on its way! So in the spirit of school and the school season, here’s a playlist based on one of the four Ilvermorny houses. Have fun returning to American Hogwarts!

PotW: haunted manor

Continuing the current theme of the strange and October-themed playlists, here’s another spectacularly eerie playlist by fromgreektogothic. This one tells the story of a haunted manor, one that’s long been forgotten to time and people. It’s a relatively quiet playlist, focusing more on haunts that tell of memories and tragic love stories. This makes it an excellent mood or setting playlist, though it works for background music as well.

PotW: étrange

Étrange means “strange” in French and this playlist captures that perfectly. The music is perfectly dark and creepy, fitting for writing spooky scenes. So go out there and write!

PotW: Hiraeth

It’s August and you know what that means? It’s almost Halloween!

I kid, obviously, though I do love Halloween a lot and it’s one of few things I look forward to as we inch ever closer to fall. And hey, if Christmas can start in October, why can’t Halloween start in August?

Anyway, this week’s playlist is delightfully creepy and melancholic. Perfect for writing those gothic horror stories in the dead of summer heat.