Playlist of the Week: The Trouble with Photographic Memory

Update: The author of this playlist seems to have made it private or unavailable. Sorry guys!


I recently got back into A Series of Unfortunate Events after reading an article that talked about lessons learned from the series. So, naturally, the next thing I did was to find music to accompany my quest for more things ASOUE. And lo and behold, I found a playlist!

This one has a particularly interesting premise. It takes place after the events of the ASOUE. The playlist covers the Baudelaires suffering from PTSD, among other things, and the music does well to convey this feeling. There’s a mix of the creepy and the melancholy, with a few lighthearted (in the loosest meaning of the term) songs thrown in. It definitely does well with creating a deranged, discordant atmosphere. So give it a try, my terrible lovelies.


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