How to Date… Don’t

Credit: Daniela Filipescu Photography (via DeviantArt)

Wait until your mother and your brother have left the house. Then grab the spare keys and leave. It takes forty-five minutes to get there. Only thirty back, if you drive fast enough. Your mother and brother won’t be back for another four hours. That gives you enough time to be with her.

You wanted to curl your hair but you had no time so you drive in order to spend as much time as possible. When she opens the door, you apologize for looking like a mess. She will say she doesn’t care. You will insist that you feel bad. She will say she doesn’t care.

She will talk the entire time. You will listen because you like the sound of her voice. You will like it so much, you will, without realizing it, say “I love you.” She will stare at you, her mouth hanging open like a dead fish. But you will not think that as you stare back.

You will wait for her to say it back.

She won’t.

Inspired by Junot Diaz’ “How to Date a Brown Girl”


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